Park of the Reserve
A park located in the heart of Lima, Peru. The park features the "Magical Water Tour," known in Spanish as "El Circuito Magico del Agua." This world-famous collection of fountains holds the world record for largest fountain complex and lights up in rainbow-like colors at night.

Historic Centre of Lima
Declared a "World Heritage Site" by UNESCO in 1988, the Historic Centre of Lima is one of the most popular, culturally educational tourist destinations in Peru. This featured destination of Lima is packed full of historical architecture and monuments to explore. Some of the most popular destinations in the Historic Centre of Lima are the Archbishop Palace, the Basilica Cathedral, the Plaza Mayor, and the Museum of Italian Art.

Popular Museums in Lima, Peru
Museo Nacional de Arquelogia Antropologia e Historia del Peru, Museum of Art of Lima, Museum of Natural History, Museum of the Nation, Larco Museum

Basilica Cathedral of Lima
The Basilica Cathedral of Lima is a Catholic cathedral located in the downtown area of Lima, Peru called the Plaza Mayor. The Basilica Cathedral of Lima was completed in 1538 and was dedicated to St. John. This is a very popular example of the beautiful architecture in Lima.

Monastery of San Francisco
Also known as the "Convento de San Francisco," the Monestary of San Francisco is the monastery of Saint Francis and features highly-regarded architecture and catacombs that connect to other churches and structures throughout this area of Lima, Peru.

Lima City Walls
In the late 1600's, a wall was built to protect the city of Lima from pirate attacks and other assaults. The walls were torn down, however, in 1872 under president Jose Balta. The remnants of the wall still standing were salvaged and turned into a beautiful public park and memorial.

Nearby Locations
The suburban districts of Cioeneguilla and Pachacamac are both located very near Lima and provide even more fun and interesting locations and activities to explore. You can also visit the nearby city of Chosica. These nearby locations are a fun place to go for more sunshine during the winter when the sky in Lima is often overcast.