Lima is not only the largest city in Peru, but it's also the capital. Lima rests in desert-like valleys overlooking the Pacific Coast. Lima's population is quickly approaching 9 million, making it Latin America's fifth largest city. Lima, Peru is home to many famous universities, museums, and tons of food, culture, and entertainment for tourists and locals alike.

Lima, along with the seaport known as Callao, makes up the urban area called the Lima Metropolitan Area. Lima is the financial and industrial center of Peru and is home to many national companies. With the most exports in South America, Lima is especially focused on clothing, textiles and food.

The weather in Lima leaves nothing to be desired. The climate is mild, both in the summer and winter months. The summertime is warm and sunny, staying a bit humid due to the close proximity of the Pacific Ocean. The temperature during the summer doesn't usually rise about 85 degrees and the skies are generally clear. The summer sunsets are so incredible that they have inspired the nickname "Sky of Witches" because of the array of different colors including orange, pink and red. The winter months in Peru bring with them cool temperatures, humidity, and breezes. Mild rain is not uncommon during the winter.

For tourists visiting Lima, Peru, there are more than enough exciting, educational, and cultural activities and locations to fill up their vacation. Lima is full of amazing cuisine, bars and clubs, museums, live music, beaches, and theaters. You will find parks, gardens, art galleries, bars and amazing nightlife. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular places to have fun in Lima, Peru.